Jiannan Xiang

I am a first-year PhD student at University of California, San Diego, under the supervision of Prof. Zhiting Hu. Previously, I got my Master's degree from Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University, and my Bachelor's degree in Electronic Information Engineering from University of Science and Technology of China.

I am actively looking for research internship opportunities for 2024 summer.

Email: jixiang[at]ucsd.edu

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Publications (* equal contribution)

Language Models Meet World Models: Embodied Experiences Enhance Language Models
Jiannan Xiang*,  Tianhua Tao*,  Yi GuTianmin ShuZirui WangZichao YangZhiting Hu
NeurIPS 2023  
paper  /  code  

ASDOT: Any-Shot Data-to-Text Generation with Pretrained Language Models
Jiannan XiangZhengzhong Liu,  Yucheng Zhou,  Eric P. XingZhiting Hu 
EMNLP 2022, Findings  
paper  /  code  

Investigating Data Variance in Evaluations of Automatic Machine Translation Metrics
Jiannan XiangHuayang LiYahui LiuLemao LiuGuoping HuangDefu LianShuming Shi 
ACL 2022, Findings  

Visualizing the Relationship Between Encoded Linguistic Information and Task Performance
Jiannan Xiang*Huayang Li*Defu LianGuoping HuangTaro WatanabeLemao Liu 
ACL 2022, Findings  

Assessing Dialogue Systems with Distribution Distances
Jiannan Xiang*Yahui Liu*Deng CaiHuayang LiDefu LianLemao Liu 
ACL 2021, Findings  
paper  /  code  

Learning to stop: A Simple yet Effective Approach to Urban Vision-Language Navigation
Jiannan XiangXin Eric WangWilliam Yang Wang 
EMNLP 2020, Findings  

Not All Actions Are Equal: Learning to Stop in Language-Grounded Urban Navigation
Jiannan XiangXin Eric WangWilliam Yang Wang 
NeurIPS 2019, ViGIL workshop  


  • Reviewers: NeurIPS 2023, ACL 2023, AAAI 2023, EMNLP 2022, ACL ARR 2022, ACL ARR 2021.

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